The Art Walkway at Longmont United Hospital

The Art Walkway

The Art Walkway was designed to give patients, visitors and staff a place to enjoy a variety of local art and perhaps even provide a brief escape.

New works are installed 4 times per year in February, May, August, and November. All works are available for purchase through the Foundation office.

Purchasing or Exhibiting Your Art

A portion of every art sale is donated to the Longmont United Hospital Foundation, who manages the Art Walkway.

To purchase works Monday-Thursday: visit the LUH Foundation office between 9:00am and 4:00pm, or (303) 485-4190

To purchase works Friday-Sunday: contact Eric Kawczynski, (720) 226-3065 or

To enquire about exhibiting your artwork, please contact Eric Kawczynski,

Featured Artists

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Jason Turner artwork

Jason Turner

Acrylic paintings and printmaking





Justin Price artwork

Justin Price

Drawing and painting @justinpriceart

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Joyanna Rose Gittings artwork

Joyanna Rose Gittings

Watercolor paintings @yoyannarose

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Brian Patrick artwork

Brian Patrick






Monique Archuleta artwork

Monique Archuleta

Photography @monique_archuleta_photography

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Richelle Cripe artwork

Richelle Cripe

Painting @richellecripeart

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Tanya Douglas artwork

Tanya Douglas

Black and white prints





Handmade crystal jewelry

Healing Vibes Crystals

Handmade crystal jewelry and energy work @healingvibescrystals





Shelby Walton jewelry

Shelby Walton

Handmade resin jewelry