Operation Restoring Comfort: An Acute-Care Hospital Bed Renewal Initiative

CHI St. Alexius Williston will purchase 43 new hospital beds for our intensive care, MedSurg, and Obstetrics units. As a small hospital serving a rural population, we have been unable to update our outdated beds. The older models cause challenges for
nurses and patients alike, including broken components on labor and delivery beds and outdated medication management features that are too old to update.

The new beds will meet the unique challenges facing each of the three units (MedSurg, ICU, and OB). The following features address the challenges described above:

  • Integrated technology solutions reduce administrative tasks for nurses and other caregivers
  • Lateral tilt in the updated beds saves time by helping caregivers efficiently and comfortably turn patients as needed to avoid being in one position for too long
    which can cause pressure related injuries
  • Unique side rails and multi-zone exit alarms reduce patient fall risks
  • The SafetymonitorTM improves patient risk management and integrates seamlessly into each electronic health record
  • The simple, user-friendly controls require very minimal training and simplify caregiver procedures

Combined with effective equipment management, this could result in significant cost savings and improved patient outcomes.

Not only is patient comfort critical to recovery during a hospital stay, but the administrative resources that are saved by this upgrade will result in workforce efficiency and cost savings for years to come. Our caregivers will be able to spend more time caring for patients and less time adjusting patients’ positions, and monitoring for fall risks.

The total cost of this project is $516,691. Our hospital foundation is committed to covering more than 50% of the cost if necessary. While this is still a large investment for the small foundation, our leadership and foundation board are committed to ensuring a high-quality patient experience. We will be able to purchase the new beds immediately once the remaining funds are raised.

Levels Of Giving:

Pinnacle Partners in Comfort ($10,000+)
Your name, organization’s name, or the name of the loved one you are donating on behalf of will be displayed on a plaque on the hospital beds (your choice of one bed per $10k donated or one ICU bed for $25k donated).

Partners in Comfort ($2,500-$4,999)

Associates in Comfort ($1,000-$2,499)